Soul Star Clarity Package

Soul Star Clarity Package

On the journey of living as a spiritual being in a physical body, at times our innate connection to our inner knowing can be distorted by trauma, stress, or a disconnection to ourselves.

And even if a part of us knows our answers… it’s common to lose time overthinking, second-guessing, and looking outside ourselves for the truth.

My work gently and clearly points you back to your true north, while bringing you home to your physical body and powerfully clearing blocks and old energy that’s ready to be released.


Common questions often include…

  • What’s my purpose? What am I here for?
  • How can I support the growth of my business or creative work at this time?
  • Is this a supported time for me to make a change or take a leap?
  • What’s blocking my relationship to money, and how can I align with my gifts for greater flow?
  • What’s the deeper energy behind what’s happening in my relationship, and what does my heart truly need?
  • How can I release any blocks or unconscious patterns at this time?
  • Where is ancestral or past-life trauma holding me back, and how can I clear it?
  • How can I tap into my innate creativity for more expansive expression of my gifts and talents?


How’s it work?

  • Your sessions can include any combination of Astrology and Akashic Records Reading
  • We’ll also incorporate powerful and effective somatic practices and clearing to integrate and embody the insight and energy shifts
  • You’ll leave each session with your next action steps to powerfully move you forward on your Soul’s Path


Your mini package includes three one-on-one sessions over Zoom (sixty minutes each) plus remote energy work after each session. 

Sessions are recorded for you to keep.

Your investment:  997

If we'll be working with your Astrology chart, please enter your accurate birth info: Date, Time, and place of birth.