Somatic Support Bundle

Connect more deeply with your body-mind and soothe & settle your Nervous System

After we’ve been through trauma or stress, our bodies often “hold on” to that stress energy.

And even if we know in our minds that all is well.. our bodies have to re-learn how to feel safe and supported when they’ve been through “too much.”

This the work I do with my clients…. to help the body release and process old “stuck” energy from stress and trauma.

The first step involves learning to come into the body and feel connected, present, and safe on a visceral level.

My free gift for you is a “Somatic Support Bundle” of three simple but powerful exercises that I use with my clients, to help them come into their body and feel more of a sense of ease, calm, and peace.

You can listen to these in any order that you’re drawn to explore, noticing how your nervous system responds, and allowing yourself to feel into the space and ease as you come home to yourself.