Somatic Healing & Coaching

Somatic Healing & Coaching

Is your body holding on to stress and trauma?

You’re highly sensitive and feel the world deeply, and your body feels it all.

This allows you to do immensely successful and creatively juiced work, and it also means that your body takes on ALL the stress.

And… there may be past experiences or events that are still held in your body’s memory.  (Our bodies hold the records and imprints of trauma, long after the fact… and even if we think we “should be over it.”)

Unresolved trauma shows up in various ways.  It can manifest as anxious thoughts, “stuck” feeling energy, or physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and physical tension. 

There’s often a feeling of being somehow “out of sync” with your own energy.  Even if you’ve managed to accomplish incredible achievements, you make things happen by pushing through, and likely experience a crash following a big success.

Relationships may be challenging, because there’s a lack of safety about who you are.

It can be hard to truly relax, or to stay in deep states of pleasure and joy… because the nervous system has this endless drive to solve the unknown problem, or to figure out what might be about to go wrong.

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve already done mindfulness work, therapy, and various healing modalities of many kinds.

You’re spiritually connected and resourced, and you know on some level that all is well; that things are always working out for you.

But the body doesn’t seem to have caught up with that knowledge, and continues to churn out stress hormones and adrenal surges and crashes- leading to exhaustion and a sense of spinning your wheels in different versions of the same experience.

And even though you have a thorough understanding of your patterns…the intellectual understanding hasn’t led to real change.

You may have worked with affirmations and shifting your thoughts (and you wonder, if you were more disciplined about your meditation practice, whether things would resolve).

(Affirmations and shifting thoughts can be phenomenally powerful, btw).   But if we work only at the level of thought and mind, we can leave out the crucial impact that our bodies have on our overall state and well being.


Healing trauma at the body level transforms who you are.


It becomes not just possible but inevitable to bring that deeply relaxed body, divine spark, and clear confidence online as your day-to-day existence.

So you can…

  • feel good interacting with the world effortlessly and easily
  • inhabit your unique energy
  • feel grounded in your confidence and truth
  • experience true joy and happiness in your day to day life
  • sleep soundly and deeply
  • release those past habits and patterns that you’ve been unconsciously using to keep your nervous system feeling safe (or to sabotage your own success)
  • know you have the resources, capacity and tools to stay in a state that makes achieving your goals from a place of flow a done deal


We create this kind of body-level transformation by:

  • learning new skills for working with the nervous system
  • gaining an embodied understanding of how your nervous system’s meant to function… and where it’s gone off course
  • teaching the body to come out of fixated fight/ flight/ freeze patterning
  • releasing the “charge” of the old threat response, and the loops of stress cycles that have been running the show
  • re-patterning old responses to stress
  • creating new inherent states of goodness, safety and ease



In your sessions,  I’ll walk you through powerful processes to shift the stress response at the body level so it’s no longer running the show.

You’ll uncouple the fear from the creative process (because to truly create, our systems need to feel safe).

You’ll teach your nervous system that it is no longer stuck in the past- that it’s now safe to be relaxed, easy, calmly productive, and successful.

So you can get off the roller coaster of anxiety, of habits that sabotage your success, of energy surges and crashes, of tension and headaches and insomnia..

…all the manifestations of trauma and stress that keep  you from fully bringing your best work, and enjoying the fullness of who you’re here to be.

You’ll learn powerful practices and techniques to calm the fight/ flight response and soothe and settle the body.

You’ll learn what’s going on beneath the surface, and the reasons why approaches like meditation and mindfulness may not yet have had the profound affect that you’d hoped.

You’ll experience change at a body level that allows the mindfulness work to “land” and shifts the trajectory of your whole healing journey.

So that instead of re-creating past trauma, the body becomes a gateway to the frequency you want to embody and experience.



Rates – Somatic Healing & Coaching Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes and take place over Zoom.


Single Session:   150


4- Session Healing Journey:  555


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