My Story

My Story

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when I was quite young,  I was set on a path at an early age to seek out answers to healing…. and to understand the mysteries of the body and mind.

Over the course of decades I sought answers for myself in both the best of western medicine, as well as alternative and holistic practices. At the same time, I was naturally drawn to support others in healing.

To hear my whole story, you can listen to it on the first two episodes of my podcast Emergent Reslience…



My professional path took me through studies in Massage Therapy, Energy Work, Myofascial Release, Neurokinetic Therapy, NLP, and various mindfulness practices. I trained and mentored with powerful healers and amazing teachers.

I spent a decade running a private practice specializing in Myofascial Release, which was soon booked out with a wait list.  And even while running a thriving practice, I was always driven to seek deeper…. to look for answers to what was happening below the surface.

To find the root of that chronic pain condition, the source of the tension pattern.  And I became ever more fascinated with the mysteries of the human body, and why and how we heal.

Why was it that some folks experienced rapid and incredible healing shifts… and for others, the journey was slow, challenging, or seemed to be stuck?  I sensed and felt the deep desire of so many folks to truly heal.. and yet there was something getting in the way.  I made it my personal quest to find answers.

When we ask, sometimes the answers come in a strange way.  When my personal path culminated in an extreme healing crisis after going off of antidepressant medication, I was led to a type of work called Somatic Experiencing.

And when I experienced firsthand the power of regulating the nervous system, working with the physiology of the stress response, and releasing past traumatic imprints from the body… I knew I’d landed on a major piece of the body-mind-spirit  connection that I’d been seeking.

…especially when the day came when I realized I was living in a body that was totally symptom free – for the first time in decades.

(If you want to hear my whole story, you can listen to it on the first two episodes of my podcast… here’s episode one and episode two).

I enrolled in a three year training program as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner so I could bring this powerful work to folks seeking deeper, transformational, and more effective answers for their health and well being.

In August 2020, I formally closed my hands-on practice and moved my somatic healing and coaching work entirely online.

My work today draws from Somatic Experiencing, NLP, Energy Work, current neurophysiological research,  and various mindfulness practices, as well as my own experience of 20 years in the body-mind wellness field.

I work frequently with creatives, healers, and spiritual teachers who want to move through upper limits and into greater embodiment and flow in their work, so they can bring their deepest and most powerful gifts to the world.

I also work with folks who are looking to fully release chronic tension patterns or who are on the path of healing from chronic illness (such as autoimmune conditions or adrenal fatigue)- helping them regulate their nervous system, in order to support the body’s inherent healing process.

How we can work together

Many of my clients are on a conscious or spiritual path, committed to a healthy and mindful lifestyle, and who already have a strong connection to their body and intuition (or a strong desire to go deeper).

I help you release fixated patterns at the nervous system level that are keeping you stuck or causing unhelpful reactions to stressful situations.

We’ll work together to co-regulate your nervous system and bring your body & mind to  function at their best.

You’ll heal and recharge overworked adrenals, come out of fight/ flight, release physical tension and  habitual responses to stress, and connect more deeply with your body’s own resilience, intuition, and wisdom… so you can live your most joy-filled, embodied, and heart-centered life.

For more about working with me see here.