Embodied Resilience

Embodied Resilience


This is the place with all the info for your monthly membership program, Embodied Resilience.


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Your program benefits include…

1.  Monthly group Zoom calls.


Ground and center, strengthen your connection with your body, regulate your nervous system, and explore practices to move you forward in your healing and growth. 

We’ll gather over Zoom for a mix of Somatic Practice, Q & A, and special trainings and topics by request! 

(You will not be on video for these calls). 


Here’s your call link for May 14th.


Here are our upcoming call dates:


  • Friday, May 14th at 3:00 pm PDT/ 6:00 pm EST



These calls will be recorded, and afterwards the replay will be hosted in your resource library for you to access anytime!

2. Somatic Small Group Sessions.


Deepen your body connection and release stress,  learn from each other’s process, and connect in a safe space with others on the journey. 

We’ll gather in a small group over Zoom for Somatic Practice.  You will be on video for these.

I’ll work individually with each person on the call, and we’ll open and close with some centering and grounding practices together.

Experiencing safety and regulation in a group can be a powerful and positive experience for rewiring your nervous system and supporting your own healing process!  Many folks share that observing others’ process is often the most helpful part.  Our nervous systems all absorb the benefit of each others’ work!

For privacy of participants, these calls will not be recorded.


Important stuff:


  • These sessions will last between 60-90 minutes.  To support your fellow participants, please plan to stay for the full time (exceptions can be made on a case by case basis, please talk to me if you need to come late or leave early)


  •  Due to limited space, please keep cancellations for these minimal, thanks!


Here are your upcoming Small Group Session dates.


  • Friday, May 28th at 3:00 pm PDT/ 6:00 pm EST


Sign up here – your confirmation email will contain your Zoom link.


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3. Resource Library


Review, learn, and deepen your connection with guided practices and trainings, plus the replays of all our past calls.


You’ll log in through this link here:


(When you signed up for this group,  you received a password in an email from this address:  [email protected]).

If you need help getting in to your site at anytime, just email me at [email protected] and let me know to send you your “magic link” to login 🙂



4. Individual Somatic Sessions

Support your nervous system in moving through challenges and living at your best with a one-on-one session.

You can bring a particular challenge you’re working with or a traumatic event that needs to be cleared & released; or simply receive support in nourishing and maintaining your most resilient, healthy, and vital nervous system and body/mind.

As part of your membership, single sessions are available at a discounted rate of 135.


Please use coupon code RESILIENT.

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