Embodied Resilience: Self-Care for a Healthy Nervous System

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Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here… I’d like to invite you on a journey of getting to know your nervous system as a path to creating a self care practice that’s truly in tune with you.

In this six week program, we’re going to take a look at what’s going on with your nervous system and how it affects your energy levels, your moods, and even your thoughts and perceptions.

I’ll be giving you powerful practices to shift into greater regulation while supporting you in creating your own self care practice… based on your system’s needs.

You’ll leave with your uniquely aligned, inspired, and sustainable self-care practice.  So you can be fully present to yourself and your loved ones, feel clear and confident in your boundaries and needs, fully express your light, and create the highest version of the work you’re here to share.

Here’s what we’re up to….

What’s included:

  • Six live teaching calls over Zoom.  Calls are Tuesdays at 6:00 pm Pacific/ 9:00 pm Eastern and are recorded for you to keep.
  • Three bonus Q & A calls.  Q & A calls are Saturdays at 1:00 pm Pacific/ 4:00 pm Eastern and are recorded for you to keep. 
  • You can interact as much as you choose in this live course, with personal feedback and answers to your questions.  (If you can’t make the calls live, just send in your questions in advance and catch the replay).
  • Downloadable practices, guided meditations, and resources to support you in centering, grounding, and coming safely home to your body.
  • Community support as you create your own self care practice and learn from others on the healing path.

A quick look at what we’ll cover….

Week One:

  • Intro to your Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory, Part One
  • Gathering your resources
  • “Top down” vs. “bottom up” approaches to healing and wellness
  • How trauma affects the brain and physiology, and how to approach healing from a body-based level
  • Why affirmations have limits, and how to speak the “language” of your nervous system

Week Two: The Physical Body

  • Intro to your Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory, Part Two
  • Understanding your nervous system’s patterns and where it gets “stuck”
  • The Physical body and self-care
  • The link between chronic muscle tension and stored fight/ flight responses
  • Somatic Practices for connection and safety.

Week Three:  The Emotional Body

  • Emotions and our nervous system
  • Understanding the role of allowing emotion to flow for greater regulation
  • Working with anger in a healthy and empowering way
  • Boundaries and self care: early development and boundary rupture
  • What brings me joy? Creating regulation and flow in our emotional bodies.

Week Four: The Mental Body

  • Self care and our mental body
  • The link between hypervigilance and critical self-thoughts
  • Information overload, FOMO, and our nervous systems
  • A trauma-informed approach to meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Creating your own path to mindfulness
  • Somatic meditation practices to support your connection.

Week Five:  The Energetic/ Spiritual Body


  • Understanding the relationship between your nervous system and your spiritual connection & gifts
  • Holding the highest frequency in the physical body
  • The importance of grounding & embodiment when doing spiritual work
  • Creating a clear channel
  • Expanding your capacity through regulation

Week Six:  Crafting Your Practice


  • Putting it all together: understanding your system’s patterns and how you operate
  • How to structure your own practice based on your system’s wiring
  • Identifying the somatic practices that bring you regulation and flow
  • How to create safety and install new programming for your full expression, expansion, and new levels of joy

I would love to support you on this path!

We begin the week of November 15th.

The holidays and end of the year can be an emotionally challenging time for many.

We’ll be meeting weekly to support you in creating the practice that sustains you… especially through the busy-ness, the chaos, and the flurry of emotions that we navigate during these times.

Let’s close out the year with a deep dive into our own self care, and soar into 2022 with a whole new set of habits…  beautifully wired in to support your growth, wellness, and expansion in the year to come.

This course is currently closed for registration– to be notified of upcoming classes as well as free community calls, please join my email list here for updates!